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Track your flock's egg production with Eggspense. * Keep track of how many eggs your chickens are laying.* Keep track of how much you are spending on chicken feed.* See how much it costs to produce one egg or a dozen.* Easily graph the egg production over time.* Share the eggs per day chart to your favorite social network.
Eggspense helps the back yard chicken keeper gain insight into the productivity of the back yard flock. This application can help answer questions such as:
Are the hens laying less egg's lately? Has the cost of feed increased dramatically? How much does it cost to produce a dozen eggs?
This app tracks the expenses of keeping chickens. It also allows the hen's daily egg production to be logged. The egg production can be graphed over time to see if there is a significant increase or drop off in egg laying.
The egg production chart can be shared from your Android device to your favorite social network or sent out via email.
The app automatically calculates the following statistics:Total EggsTotal ExpensesCost Per EggCost Per DozenAverage Eggs Per Day
Permissions:Requires permission to write to the SD card in order to share the eggs per day chart.